I’ve always had students involved in my campaigns. There is nothing like having a young person’s perspective to help ensure that all of my priorities and positions are student-centered.

Kalani’s mom and my wife Tina are great friends. I would always notice when she would talk about her son, her eyes would beam with pride. I had to meet this young man. Kalani was really interested composting with worms, so I invited him over to show him my setup. We immediately hit it off, and that day, we spent a couple of hours hanging out under our elm tree. I learned a lot from him, and asked him to join the campaign a few days later. But enough from me, I’ll let Kalani introduce himself.

I’m Kalani Seymore, a student who’s been in New Haven all of my life. I currently run a program called The ThirdWorld Club, a service-based organization at Logan dedicated to service and advocacy. We have been in the fight for maternal and child health abroad and are working toward creating a free, socially comprehensive reading program right in our community. Before that I worked with StopWaste, an environmental nonprofit based in Alameda County, to learn and spread sustainable practices, and continue to educate our youth with the tools we will need to face the issues of tomorrow. You see, the youth in our community know the issues we are facing, we see them everyday, but for too long we have been ignored. That is why I am excited to be on board with this campaign. 

Trustee Lance Nishihira listens. He listens because he knows that in a community as diverse as ours this election is crucial. We need to re-elect leaders from our community, who have and are going to continue to fight for everyone. That’s what Lance and I have most in common. We are not here to fight for one ethnicity, one demographic, or one group of students, we are going to continue our work in uplifting the entire community one by one. That is something not every candidate understands or wants to understand.

Whether it’s sitting down talking about composting… social justice… equity, supporting me in my speech and debate career, or even speaking at forums and school site council meetings, Lance brings a realistic yet progressive perspective to every table he sits at. We don’t go searching for buzz words and liberal standpoints to talk about because we have been fighting toward those for all of our lives. Whether it be on this campaign or anything that the future holds for me in my goals pertaining to political science and public policy, I will continue to fight for what is right for everyone, and right now that is Lance Nishihira for School Board. It feels great to be on board.

5 thoughts on “Meet Our Campaign Manager

  1. James Gunther says:

    Lance you have my support and endorsement
    Jim Gunther Director ACWD
    Ex Coast Guard
    Nice job today

    1. Thanks so much, James 🙂 I appreciate all you do!

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