These kind words were written by the most seasoned and senior member of the NHUSD governance team. I am humbled and appreciate the time and effort that she took to craft such a thoughtful endorsement. Thank you, Linda!

It is with the utmost confidence that I endorse Lance Nishihira for re-election as New Haven Unified School District (NHUSD) Trustee.

Working with Lance over the past four years has given me a unique opportunity to observe him closely in action as a Board Trustee. During these past years, I’ve observed qualities, sometimes when we had to make difficult decisions and during challenging times such as our current situation, that make him an asset on the NHUSD Board of Trustee team.

Lance is a student-centered, experienced, collaborative team player who brings in specific expertise that benefits our students.

Lance, like many parents in our community, has students currently enrolled in our schools. This gives him a unique “hands on” perspective. As an actively involved parent, he is able to “see” first hand what is going on in our schools through the involvement of his students in schools on a regular basis. His ongoing involvement with our schools through the experiences of his children in the classroom allows him to advocate for the students on a more personal basis. As a former teacher and school principal, I believe that if a decision affecting the students would not be good enough for my own child, then it would not be good enough for our students. Lance and I share this similar philosophy in making sure that our students are the top priority and our bottom line.

During his current term as Board President, Lance has demonstrated his skills in being a collaborative board member. He has listened to his peers, has held meaningful dialogue as part of the team, and, when making decisions, has continued to keep his focus and priority on what is really important: student achievement, school/student safety, fiscal responsibility, and community engagement.

A Board is effective when the team members work well together “tactically” in solving immediate issues and “strategically” in planning for the future to achieve objectives . Lance has been an effective team member in these aspects of Board Trustees. He not only brings his good ideas forward for our district’s improvement, but he is also a good listener and takes into account suggestions from his peers, allowing the team to choose from options and decide on what is best for our students. These skills are critical in making sure that the Board focuses on what’s best for students and not on the personalities of each board member.

I urge you to re-elect Lance Nishihira as NUHSD Board of Trustee.