• Parent of 3 NHUSD Students
  • Current board president
  • Masters in Governance from California School Boards Association
  • Over 15 years of NHUSD Experience
  • Tech Executive with over 22 years of Silicon Valley Experience


  • Kids are First Priority
  • Area 1 Gets Fair Share of Resources
  • Community Engagement
  • Sustainable Budget

I am a New Haven parent with over 15 years of district experience. As a former marine and local Eagle Scout, service has always been at the center of my work. I am on the board of two local non-profits focusing on public education, food insecurity, and environmental sustainability. I have served on school site councils at several sites in our district. For the last four years I have had the honor of serving on the NHUSD Board of Trustees. Compared to my challenger, I am better qualified. I currently serve as the board president and have earned my Masters in Governance from the California School Boards Association. I have over 22 years of career experience in Silicon Valley, doing my best to design technology that is relevant, useful, and delightful for people. As an executive, I am well-positioned to understand the traits, competencies, and skills needed for our students to be successful in the future that they will create. Now is not the time for inexperienced hands. As we face new challenges, one thing you can count on from me is experienced leadership and stability. Investing in our children’s education makes the entire community better, and I am here to get to work. I will engage directly with the community to ensure that all students, regardless of their background, are at the center of every decision we make. I know how our education system works and how to make positive changes that directly benefit all of our students. After four years serving our community as a school board member, it’s clear to me that we have more work to do. I will focus on pushing to reduce class sizes, fighting to ensure that Area 1 gets its fair share of district resources, and ensuring that the technological foundation of our school system supports students, staff, and families. I believe in strong fiscal management and will do my best to live within our means and secure sustainable revenue from the state before asking local taxpayers to pay more. I would appreciate your vote in November.

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